The Center for Community Geography’s goal is to put students and faculty to work addressing human-environment issues that matter to our community. We are willing to partner with any group, community, agency, school, person, or place in New Mexico that could benefit from the involvement of UNM students or researchers on any geographical or environmental issue.  

What the Center for Community Geography can offer 

The Center coordinates and funds community-engaged research and learning activities in many different modes: semester-long classes, short-term class projects, workshops, public events, independent student research, internships, thesis and dissertation projects, fieldwork, summer research, and more. We specialize in human-environment topics, using methods of community geography, citizen science, critical cartography, and integrative geography. 

Partnership agreements 

Once someone contacts us with a community request, our first step is to coordinate a “matchmaking” process to link a specific class, student, research team, or faculty member to the project. Our second step is to help develop an agreement for how UNM and community personnel will work together on an agreed timeline to achieve project goals. All partnership agreements must be mutually beneficial and satisfactory to all parties before they begin. 

For a detailed overview of our projects and initiatives visit our Projects Page by clicking here!